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Top Places To Visit In Spain

Posted on 23 November 2017 by admin (0)

The exotic location is the first choice for many couples while choosing the honeymoon spot. The region is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the entire world and the tourism provides employment to a significant population of the region.  Spain is a beautiful country, one investing time to travel through for sure.

Donana Park

The stunning view of migratory birds will mesmerize the visitors in this wetland. It is situated in Andalusia and has many water holes. Tourists enjoy the boat rides and get to watch rare birds, including Lanner Falcons and Spoonbills in this region.

Prado Museum

You will be surprised to know that this happens to be the largest art gallery of the world and it has amazing paintings and sculptures from ancient times. Visitors get to witness royal collections that were earlier part of the Trinidad museum along with thousands of paintings from world renowned artists. It is also one of the popular tourist attractions with art enthusiasts visiting the place in large numbers.

Gold Art Triangle of Madrid

This region has the reputation for producing one of the most significant arts ever in history and you can get to enjoy amazing arts from different regions. Tourists come here to spend some time shopping in the city of Madrid and enjoy the beautiful monuments of the city.

Picasso Museum

The place has the best works of Picasso, who is still renowned as the greatest painter in the history. The place is so big and has so much collection that it is nearly impossible to cover all the paintings in one day. Art enthusiasts make multiple visits to catch all the masterpiece arts of the great painter.

Alhambra palace

This is the best place that combines Christian and Jewish architecture with Islamic architecture and it was home to the last Muslim ruler of Spain. You can get to see important historic monuments, including the Tomb of Christopher Columbus in the surrounding region.


The golden beaches of the region attract thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy a quiet holiday. The place is also well known for its pleasant weather throughout the year and has many attractions including the glass bottomed ferry that runs between Altea and Denia. Visitors also enjoy the tour to Valencia from this location.