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The Three Places your must visit when in Sydney, Australia

Posted on 12 October 2017 by admin (0)


Sydney, the capital city of Australia, is one of the largest and oldest cities of the country. Also known as the Harbor City, it is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the most liveable and beautiful cities to be in. You will find the city to be a hub of history, art, culture, cuisine and fashion. With an ocean coastline and sandy beaches, it is an ethnically diverse and cultural city that makes it one of the most desired cities to be in across the world. The city was formed about 50000 years before. It is known that an English Lord, Thomas Townshend, also known as Lord Sydney, formed the area when he established a penal colony here. This area was discovered by Captain James Cook about 16 years before.

From having started as a penal colony, the city flourished and today it has iconic landmark destinations that attract people here from the world over.

Among the numerous places that one can see here or visit, the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House are known by all, if not witnessed for their beauty and the wonders of modern architecture. Indeed, both these structures are considered iconic in the world and a must visit by all who come to this city. 

Taronga Zoo is one of the numerous wildlife destinations here. The variety of wildlife that one can see in and around Sydney are numerous and this particular zoo located in Lower North Shore is a must visit for all. The numerous zoological gardens here showcase wildlife varieties and species like wallabies, kangaroos, opossums, bats, birds and others. This city is one place to experience life down under as the world of water bodies and aquariums are numerous as well in and around this region.  

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