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The Grand Canyon’s history And What To Do There

Posted on 06 November 2017 by admin (0)

The Grand Canyon is a steep canyon area that was formed by the course of the Colorado River and is located in the US state of Arizona. It covers a distance of 277 miles and extends up to 18 miles. The depth of the canyon is more than a mile.

There are several places of natural attraction to see here such as Grand Canyon National Park, Hualapai Indian Reservation, Navajo Nation, Kaibab National Forest, the Havasupai Indian Reservation and other places. The preservation of this area was given much importance from the times of President Theodore Roosevelt.

The unique geological history of the place shows that this canyon was formed by the Colorado River which worked upon this rocky area for about two billion years and the river as well as its tributaries cut through the layers of rock and the plateau area was uplifted. This area has been home to several Native American settlements. The many caves of the region have housed many such communities. For the Pueblo people it is a place of holy pilgrimage.

Grand Canyon area, especially Grand Canyon National Park, is one of the premier places of natural attraction to visit and it attracts about five million tourists every year. The national park offers varied activities that tourists can do and experience here such as running, hiking, skydiving, helicopter tours. There is an ultra marathon that is hosted here, which spans 78 miles. One can go up river rafting here, travel by boat, on foot or on mule back.

Camping is a popular activity that tourists like to do here. There are reservations and campgrounds made available which get many campers to come here. People put in requests for backcountry permits, which allow people to explore the backcountry areas and camp in different places here.