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The Evergreen Destination Of WA

Posted on 29 September 2018 by admin (0)

Australia is one of the best tourist destinations of all times. But not many of these visitors take a trip to Perth. Trust me, and it is a beautiful destination to experience. It has everything that a tourist would like to see during his trip. One can relax and visit cultural heritage site.

Places to visit

The city has a golden history. It was founded by Captain James Stirling of the Royal Navy in 1829 and became the center for gold rush during that time. Now, it is the mining hub of the continent now.  This decorative edge of Australia is very quiet and superb for spending alone time on the beach under the sun. The Cottesloe Beach is undoubtedly lovely. White sand and clear ocean water are something worth experiencing. And if you have a glass of local wine or beer in your hand, that’ll make your day. After the beach experience, you can head towards the Rotto Island and have fun with the underwater life by diving into the beautiful blue water. Rotto has many museums for the history lovers. Fun fact – Rotto was a prison colony in the earlier times.

King’s park in Perth has unique biodiversity, and as the name suggests, it is the world’s largest inner-city park. A 750-year-old baobab tree stands as the pride of the park along with the local flora. Many public education programs take place here too. The Swan River is one of the beauties that can be admired from the park. Have you ever heard of a historic building turning into a marketplace? Fremantle is one such place. It offers live entertainment along with some grocery shopping as well as other retail items.

Perth is considered to be overdeveloped for the population it has, and thus one can enjoy the calm and peaceful environment. Bell Tower, Perth Zoo and the Aquarium of Western Australia are some of the other worth visiting spots. Now that I am back from the trip, all I feel like doing is packing my bags and go back again! Perth is a ‘teeny-weeny’ package in itself.