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Soyapango: This Beauty Is A Must Visit In Your Next Vacation

Posted on 08 March 2019 by admin (0)

It is known that before making a trip to any area of El Salvador, you need to dig up history and make sure that area is safe and risk-free. Though some regional attacks and threats keep happening over areas, some cities have maintained harmony and are beautiful not just in the view but also in its soul. One such place is Soyapango. With its huge deep hills and waters, we suggest that Soyapango is a must visit for travelers across the globe. We have made a short list of most famous places and eateries. Make sure you check them out when you go there:

Places to see


  • Joya De Ceren


We were in for a historical dose, so we landed here! The western and central part of the territory was covered under the thick layer of the volcanic ash. Now the sight is chill inspiring.


  • San Andres Ruins


It is a great place to visit history. Around 20 years ago the government of the country had first started the Archaeological Park in the San Andres where you can climb on the pyramids to watch the population of the Indigo in the area and also the museum area.


  • Meanguera


A small but stunning volcanic island, Meanguera, is one of the most breathtaking sights of El Salvador. The calming deep blue water and forest is exactly what you need to unwind yourself in nature.

In abroad we have to spend in a thousand for accommodations. These are a few of the motels which are safe, cozy and cheap. They also offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Isn’t that great? Plan your trip soon because the best time to visit this beauty is around January to February when the weather is simply amazing. If you are looking to spend a week here, you won’t be disappointed.