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Prague The City Of Resilient Pas And Dark Legacy

Posted on 06 March 2018 by admin (0)

Prague Is the bustling and developed city popular, now this place attracts more tourists than ever. And this is all because of its picturesque downtown veils, which has a resilient past and dark legacy both. In somewhere around A.D. 870, the city witnessed numbers of inversions, floods, fire, invasions, which leads to create the image of Prague as the place of survival and perseverance. The city is the capital of the Czech Republic which is extremely fantastic. At the present time, you can witness multi storage charges, hilltop, castle and many such things which you must have heard in the fairy tale of your nanny. Let’s have a look on other attractions of Prague.

There are basically three best things about Prague

  • Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the famous bridge of Prague, which connects the Lesser Town and Old Town. The place has wonderful 30 saint statues in line with the bridge. These statues were crafted between the year 1683 to 1928 in the honor of many saints of place and other places as well.

  • Prague Castle

As the residence of the Czech president, the Prague Castle serves double duty and it is also one of the popular tourist destinations. It holds the record for the largest complex of coherent castle in the world. The complex has many other attractions in addition to this. It has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • The Old Town Square

This is again the popular spot in Prague the place has beautiful architecture, vibrant atmosphere and colorful history. The square belongs to the 12th century and hasn’t changed much.  

  • The Old Town Hall

This is very close to The Old Town Square and it is one of the best places in the world to get a bird’s-eye view of the city.

  • Prague Astronomical Clock

This is a beautiful timepiece in Prague and it is dated back to the 1400s.