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Osaka Has More Than You Can Imagine For Your Holidays

Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin (0)

Osaka, which is the largest city in Japan after the capital city Tokyo, had us lost. Not because of any reason that the city is terrible, but the plethora of different things to do had us being spoilt for choice. We did not know whether to start with the sprawling castle first or dine at the amazingly charming restaurants in the city.    This is such a beautiful city but it can also be considered very fast-paced and crowded.  There can be a lot of traffic and there’s always accidents of many kinds.  Naturally, that is the mindset and perspective she comes from but she is most certainly right to be cautious and careful.  Nevertheless, we guarantee you that you will have the time of your lives if you decide to spend the vacation in Osaka.

Things to see/do in Osaka

  • Visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium

This place must be on the list of every traveler to the city. It is not wrong to call this one of the best aquariums not only in the country but the world. This aquarium boasts more than 35000 animals which are divided among some exhibits. Do notice the relaxed movement of the fishes through the natural environment that is built there. Also, who knows? Maybe one can finally find the memo here!

Our next stop was the Minoo National Park, which took us from the hustle and bustle of the urban space. One can also catch the glance of the beautiful buildings along with the massive amount of maple leaves dotted along the banks of a calm river. When here, do make sure that you eat a fried maple leaf, especially from one of the vendors who will continuously be trudging along the path of the national park.

  • Hozenji Temple

Although this could be one of the tiniest temples in the country, it can also be where you will remember the most. In the middle of the concrete and neon jungle, this is the best place for you to find calmness and peace. The constant sound of the prayers and ringing bells will fill up your mind with the holy power that will only keep you locked inside the compound of the temple. Nevertheless, this place promises calm and tranquility.

Osaka is a destination in the country that must not be missed. We suggest you spend at least a week here and catch a glimpse of every corner of what this city has to offer.