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Esmeraldas: This Coastal City Is A Dream

Posted on 20 February 2019 by admin (0)

The last time when I had been to Ecuador, I visited a coastal city known as Esmeraldas. It is covered with mangroves and tropical forest along with beautiful beaches and private islands.

I firstly visited Muisne, an island located south to Esmeraldas. All my tiredness due to previous day journey vanished into the beauty of the beaches and mangrove forest there. I also loved the tradition of people of that island. They actively take part in fishing. I stayed there for three days and return to my hotel room. That evening I hit the Sambaye club-bar and had a lot of fun with my newly made friends.

I then went fishing in Sua, a village with a really beautiful ocean and vivid birds flying over. I attended the whale watching event there which gave me enough goosebumps. I also visited another beach place in a resort village called San Vincent.

If you happen to go there during the month of August, you can take part in the festival in San Lorenzo, the largest town which is located in the northern side of Esmeraldo. This fest includes a salsa dance party till late at night. So buckle up to have some moves.

I went for shopping to supermarkets like AKI supermarket etc. I purchased lovely hats named as Panama hats which are made up of Carludovica Palmata. I also enjoyed tasty seafood at a cheap rate. I ate shrimps day and night. I also tasted local drinks like aguardiente de caña, aguardiente de caña etc. I enjoyed the special dishes like Tapao, Empanadas and bolones de verde, Cocada etc.

Altogether the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable. I suggest you not to visit small villages there as the place is reported for crimes. And also there is a chance of being infected with malaria. I confirmed about safety about places before visiting any place in Esmeraldas.