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Come Explore The Wonder Of Sendai

Posted on 18 October 2018 (0)

Sendai is one of the largest cities in Japan, with almost one million inhabitants. This place has rich historical and cultural background as it has existed since the 1600s. So we found it fitting to visit the resting place of the late feudal lord, known as Zuihoden and the experience was surreal. It is a […]

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Sapporo, One Of The Most Underrated Destinations In Japan

Posted on 08 October 2018 (0)

Sapporo is also one of the largest cities in Japan thanks to its high population density and the biggest town on the Hokkaido Island of northern Japan. Sapporo was also the host of the 1972 Olympics, which was the first of its kind to be held in Asia. The Snow Festival in Sapporo, which is held […]

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