Esteli: A Must Visit In Nicaragua

Posted on 27 February 2019 (0)

Villa de San Antonio de, also recognized as Esteli is a Nicaraguan city and also a municipality with its own collection of cultural and natural attractions. Expanding over an area of 795.7 square kilometers, Esteli is best known for its vast tobacco plantations and supreme quality cigars, making it one of the most significant cigars manufacturing countries in the world. This delightful and beautiful city was recommended to my friend Luke from Florida.  He has had the opportunity to travel many places & said this place is amazing.  He is an avid health conscious person and talks about how CBD products are getting a big boost here.  He says you can buy CBD oil online or from local pharma businesses in the area.  This area belongs to the Esteli Department and is the second largest city in the northern half of Nicaragua. As it is located almost 844 m above sea level, the city experiences a pleasant climate and is surrounded by pine, oak, walnut forests, mountains, and preserved natural reserves. Even though the place does not lure the best number of tourists, it comprises of some delightful elements like vast plantations, archeological centers, cultural centers, business centers, hotels on budgets, bars and recreational clubs etc along with warm and friendly natives. I would say Esteli is suitable as we were seeking for a place with a pleasant climate, good ambiance, and also some of the natural reserves are open to tourists. Some places to visit/activities we saw in the city were:

  • Tisey Estanzuela Natural Reserve
  • Reserva Natural Miraflor
  • Esteli Waterfall
  • Museo de Historia y Arqueologia Alejandro Davila Bolanos
  • Parque Central
  • Funarte
  • Drew Estate
  • Salto de Estanzuela
  • Artesanias La Esquina
  • El Jalacate
  • Esteli Cigarros factory
  • Leonel Rugama Cultural Center
  • Highland tours

Summing up, Esteli has bits of almost everything that is necessary for a casual, comfortable and simple getaway including waterfalls, cloud forests, historical sites, nightclubs, museums, etc. For anyone looking forward to shopping, Esteli has some fine marble handicrafts and some nearby places also host clay handicraft workshops.

I feel that Esteli has an underrated charm and beauty to it and also turns out to be a guaranteed place to cleanse your minds and create some memories.

Suchitoto: For Pure Culture, Visit Here

Posted on 19 March 2019 (0)

Suchitoto is the cultural capital of El Salvador. Its colonial vibe with cobbled streets and blue walls makes it seem time has not passed around.

As our BNB was near Centro Arte Para La Paz, we started off our trip with visiting it. You can also find affordable hostels near Centro Arte Para La Paz apart from some decent BNBs and hotels. We went to a steakhouse after that. In the evening, we headed to Lago Suchitlan which is a man-made lake. My kids were delighted to migrated birds and other species. On the way back, we interacted with pedestrians and local shop owners. One lady was generous enough to welcome us in her blue painted house. She demonstrated a cigar rolling process for us. She told she sells one for 10 cents each. At night we hit a blue and jazz bar.

Next day we visited Los Tercios waterfall. You are advised to wear shoes to be comfortable while climbing to the waterfall. We hiked there apart from enjoying the scenic beauty. We observed the hexagonal rocks which were formed out of ancient lava flow years back. We saw how the indigo industry is still present in formations of Suchitoto. In dinner, we tried Pupusas which a traditional Salvadorian delicacy of Suchitoto. It is basically corn tortillas filled with meat, cheese, and veggies and is served with salad. We also tried Chicha, an alcoholic drink made of corn.

We visited Suchitoto Central Park. Parque San Martin has a beautiful garden, our kids Last day we had breakfast at Museo del cafe and took our flight back.

Its colonial architecture makes you fall in love with this place. If you are planning a visit, it is better to visit in February as, during the entire month of February, Suchitoto celebrates Art in various domestic galleries and locate artists.

Soyapango: This Beauty Is A Must Visit In Your Next Vacation

Posted on 08 March 2019 (0)

It is known that before making a trip to any area of El Salvador, you need to dig up history and make sure that area is safe and risk-free. Though some regional attacks and threats keep happening over areas, some cities have maintained harmony and are beautiful not just in the view but also in its soul. One such place is Soyapango. With its huge deep hills and waters, we suggest that Soyapango is a must visit for travelers across the globe. We have made a short list of most famous places and eateries. Make sure you check them out when you go there:

Places to see


  • Joya De Ceren


We were in for a historical dose, so we landed here! The western and central part of the territory was covered under the thick layer of the volcanic ash. Now the sight is chill inspiring.


  • San Andres Ruins


It is a great place to visit history. Around 20 years ago the government of the country had first started the Archaeological Park in the San Andres where you can climb on the pyramids to watch the population of the Indigo in the area and also the museum area.


  • Meanguera


A small but stunning volcanic island, Meanguera, is one of the most breathtaking sights of El Salvador. The calming deep blue water and forest is exactly what you need to unwind yourself in nature.

In abroad we have to spend in a thousand for accommodations. These are a few of the motels which are safe, cozy and cheap. They also offer free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Isn’t that great? Plan your trip soon because the best time to visit this beauty is around January to February when the weather is simply amazing. If you are looking to spend a week here, you won’t be disappointed.

Esmeraldas: This Coastal City Is A Dream

Posted on 20 February 2019 (0)

The last time when I had been to Ecuador, I visited a coastal city known as Esmeraldas. It is covered with mangroves and tropical forest along with beautiful beaches and private islands.

I firstly visited Muisne, an island located south to Esmeraldas. All my tiredness due to previous day journey vanished into the beauty of the beaches and mangrove forest there. I also loved the tradition of people of that island. They actively take part in fishing. I stayed there for three days and return to my hotel room. That evening I hit the Sambaye club-bar and had a lot of fun with my newly made friends.

I then went fishing in Sua, a village with a really beautiful ocean and vivid birds flying over. I attended the whale watching event there which gave me enough goosebumps. I also visited another beach place in a resort village called San Vincent.

If you happen to go there during the month of August, you can take part in the festival in San Lorenzo, the largest town which is located in the northern side of Esmeraldo. This fest includes a salsa dance party till late at night. So buckle up to have some moves.

I went for shopping to supermarkets like AKI supermarket etc. I purchased lovely hats named as Panama hats which are made up of Carludovica Palmata. I also enjoyed tasty seafood at a cheap rate. I ate shrimps day and night. I also tasted local drinks like aguardiente de caña, aguardiente de caña etc. I enjoyed the special dishes like Tapao, Empanadas and bolones de verde, Cocada etc.

Altogether the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable. I suggest you not to visit small villages there as the place is reported for crimes. And also there is a chance of being infected with malaria. I confirmed about safety about places before visiting any place in Esmeraldas.

Cuernavaca: What To Do And Where To Go?

Posted on 18 January 2019 (0)

If you want to escape from your hectic professional life and seek comfort in the lap of nature then visit Cuernavaca. If you are in Mexico City, you should definitely visit this place. It is only a few hours’ drive from here. I was fascinated by how much this vibrant town has to offer. It offers you the tranquility that you had been looking for with many adventurous activities. I have listed the best things that you can do when you are in Cuernavaca.

  • Visit Palace of Cortés

You will find this to be the oldest civil structure of Cuernavaca. It represents the colonial age with extravagant valor in Mexico. The Palace of Cortes is based on gothic Mudejar architecture and had been built in the 16th century in the time of the Spanish conquest. It showcases the history of Mexico with great subtlety. I love history and adore dwelling in great past. Hence, this place was a must-visit for me.

  • Pray at Cuernavaca Cathedral

It is a Roman Catholic Church. Cuernavaca Cathedral doesn’t just offer you with the opportunity to pray but is a treat for the eyes ecstatically. The church’s central altar space is considered to be the best aspect of the city since it represents modern architecture that is combined with the historical essence.  The façade and chapel offer an open area for you to sit and enjoy the peaceful environment.

  • Visit Chapultepec Ecological Park

This is a great place to hang out if you are traveling with your kids. Chapultepec Ecological Park surrounded by surreal atmosphere of natural wilderness and lakes. It is a green and beautiful park that is clean. It has a refreshing era which emits cool vibes. Go on top of this and you are going to find museums and castles which add to its beauty.