Osaka Has More Than You Can Imagine For Your Holidays

Posted on 19 September 2018 (0)

Osaka, which is the largest city in Japan after the capital city Tokyo, had us lost. Not because of any reason that the city is terrible, but the plethora of different things to do had us being spoilt for choice. We did not know whether to start with the sprawling castle first or dine at the amazingly charming restaurants in the city.    This is such a beautiful city but it can also be considered very fast-paced and crowded.  There can be a lot of traffic and there’s always accidents of many kinds.  A friend back in the states, who runs a team of Clearwater car accident lawyers, is always talking about the risk of accidents in the midst of all the tourism.  She always says to be careful and keep your distance.  Naturally, that is the mindset and perspective she comes from but she is most certainly right to be cautious and careful.  Nevertheless, we guarantee you that you will have the time of your lives if you decide to spend the vacation in Osaka.

Things to see/do in Osaka

  • Visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium

This place must be on the list of every traveler to the city. It is not wrong to call this one of the best aquariums not only in the country but the world. This aquarium boasts more than 35000 animals which are divided among some exhibits. Do notice the relaxed movement of the fishes through the natural environment that is built there. Also, who knows? Maybe one can finally find the memo here!

Our next stop was the Minoo National Park, which took us from the hustle and bustle of the urban space. One can also catch the glance of the beautiful buildings along with the massive amount of maple leaves dotted along the banks of a calm river. When here, do make sure that you eat a fried maple leaf, especially from one of the vendors who will continuously be trudging along the path of the national park.

  • Hozenji Temple

Although this could be one of the tiniest temples in the country, it can also be where you will remember the most. In the middle of the concrete and neon jungle, this is the best place for you to find calmness and peace. The constant sound of the prayers and ringing bells will fill up your mind with the holy power that will only keep you locked inside the compound of the temple. Nevertheless, this place promises calm and tranquility.

Osaka is a destination in the country that must not be missed. We suggest you spend at least a week here and catch a glimpse of every corner of what this city has to offer.

Unique Suburban Attractions In Port Chester, New York

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New York has several suburban towns and Port Chester is one of them. Not only is it attractive for many for the affordable rents as well as a bustling downtown, Port Chester have several other features on offer. This region will give you the flavor of being a New Yorker and as a visitor to this region you will get to experience certain unique attractions that are not found in the large bustling cities.

If you wish to visit this quaint town, all you need to do is take a train ride from Grand Central, in the northerly direction. Port Chester is located in the Westchester County Village and it would make you feel as if you are in a Brooklyn neighborhood.  While many millenials are moving here to get more value for their money when it comes to living and rental costs, visitors to this town can find much to do and see around.

The Capitol Theater that was built here in 1926 has been reopened in 2012 and several big shows are now held here regularly, from the Pixies to Father John Misty or Bob Dylan. Those who love the bars, brunch offerings at the different resorts will find several choices here. You could try eateries like Tarry Lodge by Mario Batali, find a chili cheese dog to savor at the Hubba’s which has transformed from a mere hole in the wall to a well known place.

This town might have been sleeping before and the small town charm of the Westchester County will surely woo you.

There are several places of tourist attraction here such as Friends of Crawford Park, which is a green oasis, complete with a picnic pavilion as well as a play area. Abendroth Park as well as Byram Park is other community spaces to visit here. At the Byram Park you will find a freshwater beach complete with a boat marina, swimming pool, and picnic shelters and ready to use BBQ grills.

Enjoy the parks and picnic areas as well as eateries and theatre shows when you are at Port Chester.

Prague The City Of Resilient Pas And Dark Legacy

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Prague Is the bustling and developed city popular, now this place attracts more tourists than ever. And this is all because of its picturesque downtown veils, which has a resilient past and dark legacy both. In somewhere around A.D. 870, the city witnessed numbers of inversions, floods, fire, invasions, which leads to create the image of Prague as the place of survival and perseverance. The city is the capital of the Czech Republic which is extremely fantastic. At the present time, you can witness multi storage charges, hilltop, castle and many such things which you must have heard in the fairy tale of your nanny. Let’s have a look on other attractions of Prague.

There are basically three best things about Prague

  • Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the famous bridge of Prague, which connects the Lesser Town and Old Town. The place has wonderful 30 saint statues in line with the bridge. These statues were crafted between the year 1683 to 1928 in the honor of many saints of place and other places as well.

  • Prague Castle

As the residence of the Czech president, the Prague Castle serves double duty and it is also one of the popular tourist destinations. It holds the record for the largest complex of coherent castle in the world. The complex has many other attractions in addition to this. It has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • The Old Town Square

This is again the popular spot in Prague the place has beautiful architecture, vibrant atmosphere and colorful history. The square belongs to the 12th century and hasn’t changed much.  

  • The Old Town Hall

This is very close to The Old Town Square and it is one of the best places in the world to get a bird’s-eye view of the city.

  • Prague Astronomical Clock

This is a beautiful timepiece in Prague and it is dated back to the 1400s.

Top Stops in Washington DC worthy to check out …

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Washington DC does not need any introduction. Located in the District of Columbia, it is the capital district of the United States of America. This capital district was formed by the Residence Act signed in 1790. It is located by the Potomac River and it is on the East Coast of the country. This area was formed by taking land from the adjoining states of Virginia and Maryland. The region comprises of settlements of Alexandria and Georgetown which were pre existing.

The region was named in honor of President George Washington and the region was recognized to be the national capital in 1791. Washington today has a population of about 681,170. The metropolitan area of the city has a population of about six million. The district has its own administrative system which comprises of a mayor and a council of 13 members. Congress however has superior authority on the city. The city is a beautiful place to visit besides its political importance. The attractions of the city are numerous that include places like the Capitol Hill, West End and National Mall.

National Mall is a National Park, which comprises of several museums, government buildings, monuments and memorials. Here one can check out landmarks like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, Jefferson Memorial, National Air and Space Museum and several others.

West End comprises of the White House, Kennedy Center and Textile Museum. When one visits the Capitol Hill one will see the Supreme Court and Capitol Building here. These are some of the numerous famous landmarks to be found here. This city is also an important cultural destination and has several museums and performing arts centers worth visiting. With a well established transportation system and tourist facilities, those who come here can expect to have well guided tours and a comprehensive view of the city in different ways…

Top Places To Visit In Spain

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The exotic location is the first choice for many couples while choosing the honeymoon spot. The region is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the entire world and the tourism provides employment to a significant population of the region.  Spain is a beautiful country, one investing time to travel through for sure.

Donana Park

The stunning view of migratory birds will mesmerize the visitors in this wetland. It is situated in Andalusia and has many water holes. Tourists enjoy the boat rides and get to watch rare birds, including Lanner Falcons and Spoonbills in this region.

Prado Museum

You will be surprised to know that this happens to be the largest art gallery of the world and it has amazing paintings and sculptures from ancient times. Visitors get to witness royal collections that were earlier part of the Trinidad museum along with thousands of paintings from world renowned artists. It is also one of the popular tourist attractions with art enthusiasts visiting the place in large numbers.

Gold Art Triangle of Madrid

This region has the reputation for producing one of the most significant arts ever in history and you can get to enjoy amazing arts from different regions. Tourists come here to spend some time shopping in the city of Madrid and enjoy the beautiful monuments of the city.

Picasso Museum

The place has the best works of Picasso, who is still renowned as the greatest painter in the history. The place is so big and has so much collection that it is nearly impossible to cover all the paintings in one day. Art enthusiasts make multiple visits to catch all the masterpiece arts of the great painter.

Alhambra palace

This is the best place that combines Christian and Jewish architecture with Islamic architecture and it was home to the last Muslim ruler of Spain. You can get to see important historic monuments, including the Tomb of Christopher Columbus in the surrounding region.


The golden beaches of the region attract thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy a quiet holiday. The place is also well known for its pleasant weather throughout the year and has many attractions including the glass bottomed ferry that runs between Altea and Denia. Visitors also enjoy the tour to Valencia from this location.