The Three Places your must visit when in Sydney, Australia

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Sydney, the capital city of Australia, is one of the largest and oldest cities of the country. Also known as the Harbor City, it is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the most liveable and beautiful cities to be in. You will find the city to be a hub of history, art, culture, cuisine and fashion. With an ocean coastline and sandy beaches, it is an ethnically diverse and cultural city that makes it one of the most desired cities to be in across the world. The city was formed about 50000 years before. It is known that an English Lord, Thomas Townshend, also known as Lord Sydney, formed the area when he established a penal colony here. This area was discovered by Captain James Cook about 16 years before.

From having started as a penal colony, the city flourished and today it has iconic landmark destinations that attract people here from the world over.

Among the numerous places that one can see here or visit, the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House are known by all, if not witnessed for their beauty and the wonders of modern architecture. Indeed, both these structures are considered iconic in the world and a must visit by all who come to this city.  A friend of ours in New York, Melissa, owns an electrician company,, has visited with her husband Chuck.  She says the world down under has so much to offer and definitely a place to put on your bucket list.  

Taronga Zoo is one of the numerous wildlife destinations here. The variety of wildlife that one can see in and around Sydney are numerous and this particular zoo located in Lower North Shore is a must visit for all. The numerous zoological gardens here showcase wildlife varieties and species like wallabies, kangaroos, opossums, bats, birds and others. This city is one place to experience life down under as the world of water bodies and aquariums are numerous as well in and around this region.  A good friend of mine referred me to Jesse, he owns a pest control company,, who told me that Sydney is where he plans to take his wife for their 10-year anniversary.  Doing research will let you know if this is a place for you to visit too…

Top Stops in Washington DC worthy to check out …

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Washington DC does not need any introduction. Located in the District of Columbia, it is the capital district of the United States of America. This capital district was formed by the Residence Act signed in 1790. It is located by the Potomac River and it is on the East Coast of the country. This area was formed by taking land from the adjoining states of Virginia and Maryland. The region comprises of settlements of Alexandria and Georgetown which were pre existing.

The region was named in honor of President George Washington and the region was recognized to be the national capital in 1791. Washington today has a population of about 681,170. The metropolitan area of the city has a population of about six million. The district has its own administrative system which comprises of a mayor and a council of 13 members. Congress however has superior authority on the city. The city is a beautiful place to visit besides its political importance. The attractions of the city are numerous that include places like the Capitol Hill, West End and National Mall.

National Mall is a National Park, which comprises of several museums, government buildings, monuments and memorials. Here one can check out landmarks like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, Jefferson Memorial, National Air and Space Museum and several others.

West End comprises of the White House, Kennedy Center and Textile Museum. When one visits the Capitol Hill one will see the Supreme Court and Capitol Building here. These are some of the numerous famous landmarks to be found here. This city is also an important cultural destination and has several museums and performing arts centers worth visiting. With a well established transportation system and tourist facilities, those who come here can expect to have well guided tours and a comprehensive view of the city in different ways…

Top Places To Visit In Spain

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The exotic location is the first choice for many couples while choosing the honeymoon spot. The region is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the entire world and the tourism provides employment to a significant population of the region.  Spain is a beautiful country, one investing time to travel through for sure.

Donana Park

The stunning view of migratory birds will mesmerize the visitors in this wetland. It is situated in Andalusia and has many water holes. Tourists enjoy the boat rides and get to watch rare birds, including Lanner Falcons and Spoonbills in this region.

Prado Museum

You will be surprised to know that this happens to be the largest art gallery of the world and it has amazing paintings and sculptures from ancient times. Visitors get to witness royal collections that were earlier part of the Trinidad museum along with thousands of paintings from world renowned artists. It is also one of the popular tourist attractions with art enthusiasts visiting the place in large numbers.

Gold Art Triangle of Madrid

This region has the reputation for producing one of the most significant arts ever in history and you can get to enjoy amazing arts from different regions. Tourists come here to spend some time shopping in the city of Madrid and enjoy the beautiful monuments of the city.

Picasso Museum

The place has the best works of Picasso, who is still renowned as the greatest painter in the history. The place is so big and has so much collection that it is nearly impossible to cover all the paintings in one day. Art enthusiasts make multiple visits to catch all the masterpiece arts of the great painter.

Alhambra palace

This is the best place that combines Christian and Jewish architecture with Islamic architecture and it was home to the last Muslim ruler of Spain. You can get to see important historic monuments, including the Tomb of Christopher Columbus in the surrounding region.


The golden beaches of the region attract thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy a quiet holiday. The place is also well known for its pleasant weather throughout the year and has many attractions including the glass bottomed ferry that runs between Altea and Denia. Visitors also enjoy the tour to Valencia from this location.

The Grand Canyon’s history And What To Do There

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The Grand Canyon is a steep canyon area that was formed by the course of the Colorado River and is located in the US state of Arizona. It covers a distance of 277 miles and extends up to 18 miles. The depth of the canyon is more than a mile.

There are several places of natural attraction to see here such as Grand Canyon National Park, Hualapai Indian Reservation, Navajo Nation, Kaibab National Forest, the Havasupai Indian Reservation and other places. The preservation of this area was given much importance from the times of President Theodore Roosevelt.

The unique geological history of the place shows that this canyon was formed by the Colorado River which worked upon this rocky area for about two billion years and the river as well as its tributaries cut through the layers of rock and the plateau area was uplifted. This area has been home to several Native American settlements. The many caves of the region have housed many such communities. For the Pueblo people it is a place of holy pilgrimage.

Grand Canyon area, especially Grand Canyon National Park, is one of the premier places of natural attraction to visit and it attracts about five million tourists every year. The national park offers varied activities that tourists can do and experience here such as running, hiking, skydiving, helicopter tours. There is an ultra marathon that is hosted here, which spans 78 miles. One can go up river rafting here, travel by boat, on foot or on mule back.

Camping is a popular activity that tourists like to do here. There are reservations and campgrounds made available which get many campers to come here. People put in requests for backcountry permits, which allow people to explore the backcountry areas and camp in different places here.

Why do people travel to Ukraine?

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Ukraine. Some sites are warning people about going to this country. While those people that were in Ukraine before will tell you that there isn’t anything to worry about. But why should you consider traveling to Ukraine if you can go to places like Hawaii or Los Angeles? Here are some of the reasons why people are going to Ukraine and have the best time of their lives:


It can be a cheap holiday

One of the main reasons why so many tourists are going to Ukraine, is because of the prices that they are asking. This is one of the countries that are the most affordable to travel to. Their hotel stays are cheap and the food and drinks are really reasonable also.

There are many people that will go back to Ukraine for another holiday, because this is a great way to travel to other countries without paying a fortune in accommodation and food.


The people are really friendly

Despite what the media are saying, Ukraine has friendly people. It is always great to talk to the locals and to learn more about their country. The only thing that you need to know is that not everyone is speaking and understanding English in Ukraine. Meaning that if you want to speak to the locals, it might be best to learn a couple of lines of their native language.

This will make sure that you are going to have some great conversations to the locals and to have the best time ever.


Large variety of outdoor activities

Ukraine is popular for all their outdoor activities. If you are someone that likes nature and doing some activities outside in the nature, then you should consider going to Ukraine. There is a large selection of activities that you can choose from.

Some are relaxed activities, while other might be adventurous activities that are only for those people who love activities that are testing their endurance.


Interesting buildings

Ukraine is also popular for their interesting and colorful buildings. There are different buildings, the historical buildings included that are recommended for tourists. You might say that you can see buildings anywhere in the world, but the architecture is a lot different in Ukraine as in any other country. Making their buildings interesting and unique.


Ukraine isn’t as dangerous as what many people are claiming. In fact, this is one of the best countries that you can choose for going on holiday at. They are affordable and the locals are friendly and always willing to assist a tourist in finding some great sightseeing places. If you are considering Ukraine as your next country to visit, you can have the reassurance that you have made the right decision.