Esmeraldas: This Coastal City Is A Dream

Posted on 20 February 2019 (0)

The last time when I had been to Ecuador, I visited a coastal city known as Esmeraldas. It is covered with mangroves and tropical forest along with beautiful beaches and private islands.

I firstly visited Muisne, an island located south to Esmeraldas. All my tiredness due to previous day journey vanished into the beauty of the beaches and mangrove forest there. I also loved the tradition of people of that island. They actively take part in fishing. I stayed there for three days and return to my hotel room. That evening I hit the Sambaye club-bar and had a lot of fun with my newly made friends.

I then went fishing in Sua, a village with a really beautiful ocean and vivid birds flying over. I attended the whale watching event there which gave me enough goosebumps. I also visited another beach place in a resort village called San Vincent.

If you happen to go there during the month of August, you can take part in the festival in San Lorenzo, the largest town which is located in the northern side of Esmeraldo. This fest includes a salsa dance party till late at night. So buckle up to have some moves.

I went for shopping to supermarkets like AKI supermarket etc. I purchased lovely hats named as Panama hats which are made up of Carludovica Palmata. I also enjoyed tasty seafood at a cheap rate. I ate shrimps day and night. I also tasted local drinks like aguardiente de caña, aguardiente de caña etc. I enjoyed the special dishes like Tapao, Empanadas and bolones de verde, Cocada etc.

Altogether the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable. I suggest you not to visit small villages there as the place is reported for crimes. And also there is a chance of being infected with malaria. I confirmed about safety about places before visiting any place in Esmeraldas.

Cuernavaca: What To Do And Where To Go?

Posted on 18 January 2019 (0)

If you want to escape from your hectic professional life and seek comfort in the lap of nature then visit Cuernavaca. If you are in Mexico City, you should definitely visit this place. It is only a few hours’ drive from here. I was fascinated by how much this vibrant town has to offer. It offers you the tranquility that you had been looking for with many adventurous activities. I have listed the best things that you can do when you are in Cuernavaca.

  • Visit Palace of Cortés

You will find this to be the oldest civil structure of Cuernavaca. It represents the colonial age with extravagant valor in Mexico. The Palace of Cortes is based on gothic Mudejar architecture and had been built in the 16th century in the time of the Spanish conquest. It showcases the history of Mexico with great subtlety. I love history and adore dwelling in great past. Hence, this place was a must-visit for me.

  • Pray at Cuernavaca Cathedral

It is a Roman Catholic Church. Cuernavaca Cathedral doesn’t just offer you with the opportunity to pray but is a treat for the eyes ecstatically. The church’s central altar space is considered to be the best aspect of the city since it represents modern architecture that is combined with the historical essence.  The façade and chapel offer an open area for you to sit and enjoy the peaceful environment.

  • Visit Chapultepec Ecological Park

This is a great place to hang out if you are traveling with your kids. Chapultepec Ecological Park surrounded by surreal atmosphere of natural wilderness and lakes. It is a green and beautiful park that is clean. It has a refreshing era which emits cool vibes. Go on top of this and you are going to find museums and castles which add to its beauty.

Come Explore The Wonder Of Sendai

Posted on 18 October 2018 (0)

Sendai is one of the largest cities in Japan, with almost one million inhabitants. This place has rich historical and cultural background as it has existed since the 1600s. So we found it fitting to visit the resting place of the late feudal lord, known as Zuihoden and the experience was surreal. It is a very peaceful place, with the walkways surrounded by giant cedar trees, stone statues that depict the Momoyama cultural traditions.

Our experience

Well, after all that history, it was time for some whiskey. Wow, that’s poetic. The place I am talking about is the Miyagikyo Distillery which is the home of Nikka Whiskey, which is popularly called the father of whiskey. The 45 min tour was short but educating, and the sampling at the end was just beautiful.

You can’t be in this place and not taste the Gyutan, beef tongue. It is something which the tourists look for as soon as they land in here. It is the most famous dish, and we decided to have it in one of the well-known restaurants in the city, the Riyku Restaurant. Though psychologically I was feeling a bit anxious about eating “tongue,” but after the first bite, the road was smooth and very delicious. I now know why this dish is on everybody’s lips because it’s impressive.

It takes about 75 minutes to complete an entire loop of the city in a single shot. It is a fantastic experience which is not to be missed at any cost. Besides, it is the easiest and the economical way to get around.

After a long day of travel, who doesn’t want to relax and what better place than the Sakan Onsen. It is the most famous Onsen in Japan. Moreover, Sakan also offers traditional Ryokan where you can sleep along with the natural hot springs bath. Besides all this, this place offers much more, and though it is often overlooked, it is a great city to visit as it provides once in a lifetime experience and is worth every penny.

Sapporo, One Of The Most Underrated Destinations In Japan

Posted on 08 October 2018 (0)

Sapporo is also one of the largest cities in Japan thanks to its high population density and the biggest town on the Hokkaido Island of northern Japan.

Sapporo was also the host of the 1972 Olympics, which was the first of its kind to be held in Asia. The Snow Festival in Sapporo, which is held every year, draws more than 3 million foreign tourists.

Being in Sapporo, we can assure you that you won’t feel being far from cities like New York, Dubai or London. All these are thanks to the fantastic nightlife, out of the world café and tons and tons of stuff tempting to be shopped. Most of the tourists, just like us, reside in this city as a transit when they are on their way to the Hokkaido Mountains or perhaps, the hot springs, but do note that this place has enough to keep you engaged for weeks together. During the annual Snow Festival, the population of the city almost increases by two-fold. This is something; we wrongly suggest not missing out on. The festival brings in artists from various countries across the world that creates intricate works of art from ice and snow. The main focus of the festival is the Odori Koen. Since it is almost a winter capital/hub of the country, it is known for its ski resorts and also the chocolate and a brewery.

Places to visit

  • Okurayama Jump Stadium
  • Sapporo Beer Museum
  • Odori- Koen
  • Kaitaku- Mura
  • Odori Koen
  • Kaitaku-Mura
  • Moerenuma- Koen
  • Hokkaido Museum
  • Hokkaido Ainu Center
  • Sapporo TV Tower

Places to eat

  • Menya Saimi
  • Kani-Honke
  • Ramen Yokocho
  • Kohi Hausu
  • Yozora-No-Jingisukan
  • Sushi- No- Uo- Masa
  • Daruma
  • Milk Mura
  • Saera
  • Nijo Ichiba

Places to stay at

  • Sappolodge
  • Sapporo International Youth Hostel
  • Untapped Hostel
  • Cross Hotel Sapporo
  • Marks Inn Sapporo
  • JR Tower Nikko Sapporo
  • Nakamuraya Ryokan
  • Capsule Inn Sapporo
  • Sapporo Grand Hotel
  • Jimmyz Backpackers

The Evergreen Destination Of WA

Posted on 29 September 2018 (0)

Australia is one of the best tourist destinations of all times. But not many of these visitors take a trip to Perth. Trust me, and it is a beautiful destination to experience. It has everything that a tourist would like to see during his trip. One can relax and visit cultural heritage site.

Places to visit

The city has a golden history. It was founded by Captain James Stirling of the Royal Navy in 1829 and became the center for gold rush during that time. Now, it is the mining hub of the continent now.  This decorative edge of Australia is very quiet and superb for spending alone time on the beach under the sun. The Cottesloe Beach is undoubtedly lovely. White sand and clear ocean water are something worth experiencing. And if you have a glass of local wine or beer in your hand, that’ll make your day. After the beach experience, you can head towards the Rotto Island and have fun with the underwater life by diving into the beautiful blue water. Rotto has many museums for the history lovers. Fun fact – Rotto was a prison colony in the earlier times.

King’s park in Perth has unique biodiversity, and as the name suggests, it is the world’s largest inner-city park. A 750-year-old baobab tree stands as the pride of the park along with the local flora. Many public education programs take place here too. The Swan River is one of the beauties that can be admired from the park. Have you ever heard of a historic building turning into a marketplace? Fremantle is one such place. It offers live entertainment along with some grocery shopping as well as other retail items.

Perth is considered to be overdeveloped for the population it has, and thus one can enjoy the calm and peaceful environment. Bell Tower, Perth Zoo and the Aquarium of Western Australia are some of the other worth visiting spots. Now that I am back from the trip, all I feel like doing is packing my bags and go back again! Perth is a ‘teeny-weeny’ package in itself.